Are you ready to lead the Holistic Revolution by creating a 6-Figure
Plus Holistic Business that is Uplifting and Transforming to the
Thousands of People YOU are meant to serve?

Create the Foundation for a 6-figures-plus Holistic Business OR Accelerate to the Next Level in Your Holistic Business in 12 months or less.

Welcome to the Holistic Business School

Holistic Business School is a year-long, high-level training and coaching program with the purpose to walk you step-by-step to create a 6-Figure Plus Holistic Business that brings your gifts into the world in a BIG way—upleveling you, your life AND your income in just 12 months.

Holistic Business School is for you if...

You are a Therapist, Coach, Healer or Holistic Practice Owner who is seeking to:

  • Start your practice and want to accelerate your start up by working with a seasoned Holistic Practitioner who can give you a road map for success- the key information— step by step to build your Holistic Business.
  • Uplevel your practice so you are reaching more people with your amazing gifts—so you are looking for the tools, support, breakthroughs and accountability that a high level program will offer you.
  • Take your vision and income forward in a BIG way expanding your business with multiple income streams (information products, programs, workshops and books) and exciting new opportunities.
  • Release the inner blocks that have been keeping you from your fullest potential—by getting concentrated support, high level breakthroughs and the specific steps you need to take to reach your dreams.


  • Who you REALLY are — Your Authentic Spirit
  • What you are truly Capable of doing
  • Your Unique Gifts
  • Soul Lessons and Soul Evolution
  • Courage in the Face of Fear
  • BIG Mission focus
  • Step into BIG shoes of your Spirit


  • 7 Step Marketing System
  • Step by Step Customized 90 Day Marketing Plans
  • Right Marketing at the right time
  • Key Marketing Sequences
  • Mission Based Marketing™
  • Passion Based Marketing™


  • Raise Money Set-Point
  • Concrete steps to raise income to level that is aligned with Vision
  • Money History Healing
  • 7 Abundance Principles
  • Shift every cell in body into alignment with Prosperity and Joy


  • Leveraged Programs
  • Systems so you can delegate - freeing up your time so you can expand more
  • Spiritual Visioning & Manifestation
  • Creating Momentum to accelerate the Growth of your Business Exponentially
  • 5 Key Spiritual Amplifiers to supercharge all the aspects of your Business

I have segmented the Holistic Business School
Program into 4 Levels:

Level 1. Rising Star Program

This program is for those looking to set up their business in the right way on a solid foundation from the start. You could be in your Holistic business full-time right now or looking to transition from full or part-time employment to your own business in the next 12-24 months. You will learn all the strategies you need to consistently attract your ideal clients and fill your Practice to capacity. (For full details about the Program request the Program Application below)

Level 2. Leader Program

The focus is setting up your business for 6-Figure Plus success in record time. Learn compelling marketing that supports you to create a full practice of ideal clients consistently, systems in your business so you are working smarter, not harder, packaging and designing your services so they fit together in a way that allows expansion. You will begin also to build a team or grow your current team to help you do it all. (For full details about the Program request the Program Application below)

Level 3. Visionary Program (Only 2 spots remaining)

This program is designed for the successful Holistic Entrepreneur who wants to make a major leap to the next level. You have a very high Vision the impact you want your business to have in the world and you want business support to help you step-by-step to create this. Many big shifts on the inner level and business level need to be made and this program gives a total “immersion” experience with Shelley to support you. (For full details about the Program request the Program Application below)

Level 4. Diamond Program (18 month program) (Only 2 spots remaining)

This Exclusive program is designed for the successful Holistic Entrepreneur who knows you want to have a huge impact on the Planet and you want a very high level of support to manifest this in a powerful way. Many big shifts on the inner level and business level need to be made and this program gives a total "immersion" experience with Shelley to support you. (For full details about the Program request the Program Application below)

You'll see from what is included in the 4 Powerful Holistic Business School Programs that it is going to help you powerfully uplevel your business and your life. Whether you are at the beginning stages of stepping into your Vision— or developing your business or you have had your business for years—this program is designed to support you to take the vision that you have in your mind, heart and Spirit and bring it into full form on the planet.

Shelley leading workshop

This Holistic Business School is unique because it combines concrete business building information and strategies from a seasoned 6 Figure Holistic Practitioner who knows specifically how to build and market a Holistic Business plus also knows how to release the inner blocks that Holistic Business Owners have to bringing their beautiful gifts out in a big way!

This powerful combination has created amazing results for the participant's way beyond programs that focus just on business building and marketing.

(See what participants have said about their experience in the Coaching Program below)

Set up your business for success right from the start—what specific steps to take so you can accelerate your path to sharing your gifts (not knowing the specific steps will cost you wasted time, not to mention lots of frustration)
Include necessary elements on your web-site that attract your ideal clients like a magnet— clients who call you after visiting your site saying, “I want to work with you!”
Market and fill a Workshop (whether you are just starting out or you are a seasoned pro)
Use Teleseminars to skyrocket your business (no matter what kind of business you have)
Grow your email list from 250 to 3000 within two months (like I did)
Use Social Media to accelerate your business (without spending a ton of time) — and attract the perfect clients who LOVE working with you
Accelerate your income by packaging and pricing your services so your clients get the best results from working with you
Write emails, letters and sales pages announcing your services and products that actually sell for you—imagine that :)
Use key off-line marketing strategies that are essential for growing your business and which ones are a waste of time (so important to know this)
Gain a deep understanding of how your unique Soul's Purpose is connected to your business and why it is ESSENTIAL to build and expand your business to fulfill your Mission for being on the planet
Keys to hiring the right team at the right time to accelerate the growth of your Holistic Business
Uncover and clear blocks around Money and abundance that are getting in the way of the tremendous abundance that is meant for you.
Shelley with participants

One of the key secrets to success is taking action in alignment with the Joy and expansion of your Authentic Self rather than the fear, worry and holding back of your Conditioned Self.

You can join the Holistic Business School year long Program at any time

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  2. Fax, scan or email your completed application to our office at 1-877-346-1167 or Your application will be kept completely confidential.
  3. My assistant will reach out to you and schedule a private 15 minute conversation with me to decide together if one of the Holistic Academy Coaching Programs is a right fit for you.
  4. If it is, then we'll move forward and send you the getting started bonus goodies included in the program (some are not even mentioned in the program details but I will fill you in on what they are). If it's not a fit, we're complete. No pressure or guilt. I want YOU to get what you need so either way, we feel good about your decision.

Where do you want to be 12 months from now? Where you are right now in your business and life? Watch the Video testimonials below to begin to see what is possible for you when you step forward into one of our Programs. It is my Divine Mission to support YOU to accelerate to the next level of your Holistic Business—whether you are just starting out or you are in a more advanced stage of your Business. Just think a year from now you could be pinching yourself and say “I have created the Business and Life of my Dreams”—and all it took was one powerful decision to say YES now!

Please let us know if you have any questions. I can't wait to connect with you soon!

Love & Blessings,

Shelley Riutta

Shelley Riutta MSE, LPC
President & Founder
Global Association of Holistic Psychotherapy and Coaching

P.S. If you are feeling inspired and excited about working together —maybe even a little bit nervous (because you know it will lead to BIG time expansion for you and your Business) than make sure to fill out the application and send it in. I would love to connect with you and explore if one of these programs is the right fit for you right now in your business.

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Here are Success Stories from participants in the
Coaching Programs with Shelley

Sangita PatelBefore I started working with Shelley I didn't have a clear direction for my Holistic Business. I was very passionate about the Holistic Methods I was using but I didn't know how to put that together into a solid, thriving Holistic Business. When I met Shelley at a conference I knew right away I wanted to work with her. I signed up for her GAHP Holistic Psychotherapy and Coaching Certification Program. I had SO many amazing results from that program that I decided to sign up for her year long Holistic Visionary Program. Things have moved so quickly I don't even recognize my life or myself; things have changed so dramatically in a fairly short amount of time!

Here is what I have accomplished from my work with Shelley:

  • Developed an amazing, branded website that I LOVE that works like a charm attracting my Ideal Clients:)
  • Tripled my Fee
  • Gave my first Transformation Workshop
  • Gave my first Tele-class
  • Wrote a book
  • Was on stage sharing my story in front of 200 people
  • Had a big money breakthrough that allowed me to charge even more and feel very comfortable doing it:)
  • I am now attracting my Ideal Clients consistently
  • Went from 150 Facebook Likes to 18,000 Likes
  • Was invited to be on the Dr. Oz show!!

Things keep expanding and growing for me. Now I am in the Level 3 Certification course experiencing an even deeper level of growth with Breathwork. I am so blessed to have Shelley in my life. Thank you!!

Sangita Patel
Embrace Your Inner Self

Teena EvertI was in the process of leaving a group practice because my experience was not what I wanted it to be. I was burned out with very little energy left to enjoy my life. I knew that I wanted to be working with my ideal clients, sharing my passion for cultivating healthy love relationships, and feeling energized and fulfilled by my work. I was so ready and willing to do whatever it would take to make a BIG shift in my life, but I didn't know where to really start or how to build the momentum toward a practice that I could sustain. I didn't wholeheartedly believe that I could create the practice that I desired and longed for.

I found the Global Association for Holistic Psychotherapy and Coaching during a late night internet search for a coaching program that would help me take the leap. Everything Shelley had to say spoke to me. I had a good feeling inside and a spark of excitement ignited! I spoke with Shelley to confirm that this was a great opportunity for me and before I knew it I signed up! I have been in alignment with my Spirit and trust in the support of this program. I have been able to build momentum in such a short time.

Here is what I have accomplished so far after just 6 weeks of being in the Program:

  • I was able to get clear about my Niche in my Holistic Psychotherapy Practice: I work with Couples who are struggling using Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy to help them to heal and live a happy life that promises love, connection, and joyful relationships!!
  • I created a new Program, the Bridge to Love Program for couples and began marketing and enrolling couples into this Program!!
  • I developed a Logo and Branding that is totally in alignment with my Spirit and the work that I do
  • I took bold steps to network and get Visible with the work that I do more than I ever have (I surprised myself with HOW much I started putting myself out there!)
  • I scheduled my first Tele-Class
  • In 1 week enrolled 4 of my Ideal Clients! Yahoo!!

It has been so much fun, I have energy to live my life to the fullest and I wholeheartedly believe that I can create above and beyond what I had originally imagined!

Teena Evert, LMFT, LAC
Emotionally Focused Couple Therapist
Holistic Business Name: Couple Therapy Connection

Maggie ChulaBefore I started working with Shelley I was working very hard but not making much progress bringing my Life Mission into focus. I had 4 web-sites and was a bit scattered and confused as to how to pull all of my work together in a cohesive, focused voice with a web-site that reflected my new direction. I joined Shelley's 90 Day Holistic Biz Coaching Program which helped me begin to hone in on my Ideal Client, the focus of my business and really look at the deeper ways I was holding myself back with my services, classes and pricing.

I knew from working in that Program that I wanted to Coach with Shelley in her Holistic Leader Program. I spoke with her and found out the details for the Program. When she shared the investment amount for the Program I took a big gulp because it was a BIG stretch for me to pay~ but I knew she was the right person to help me get to where I wanted to go with my Business.

Once I started the Program I was on the fast track.

  • Shelley helped me get super clear that my Ideal Clients were Spiritual Leaders and Visionaries.
  • We came up with amazing Branding that reflects exactly who I am and how I can serve my Life Mission.
  • I worked with her web-team and Shelley to design a gorgeous web-site.
  • We mapped out a Certification Training Program for a body of work that is very powerful.

I was able to recently launch my Web-site and announce my Certification Program.

What has happened since than has been truly magical. I have signed on 6 of my Ideal Clients and I expect there will be many more. The icing on the cake was a woman whom I met at an expo I recently participated in. She sent me an email letting me know she wants to talk about whether she would be a good candidate for my certification training and believe me she would be!! All of this has happened in only 4 months of working with Shelley. I know this is just the beginning and I feel truly blessed that the impact I wanted to make when I came to the Planet is finally happening!!

My heart is so full of happiness and joy I feel truly blessed. I thank Shelley for coming into my life and sharing her loving spirit with me. I know I could not have done this without her. I want to share my joy with others at what a wonderful marketing, business, holistic psychotherapist Shelley is. Thank you so much Shelley :)

Maggie Chula, Spiritual Healer & Teacher

Jill GreinkeI have known for a long time that I have a big Mission on the Planet, but I was hiding out. I was so busy with my traditional practice and I had no idea to get from where I was to my big Vision.

I prayed for support and then Shelley's email landed in my Inbox. At first I avoided the Events she was announcing. Almost like my Spirit knew if I started, there would be no turning back. I was getting ready.

Finally when I connected with Shelley, I jumped in with both feet. I signed up for her highest level Coaching Program and also her Certification Program. I went for the full immersion.

I have grown and expanded in ways that are hard to put Into words. I have been through the deepest kind of Transformation over the last year that I have ever been through in my life.

I am now lined up with my Soul's Mission. I have an amazing website that reflects who I really am and what I am here to do. I have made the shift in my practice to working more from a more holistic, spiritually based way and my clients are making huge shifts.

I avoided and was overwhelmed by the technical aspect of building my business on-line initially. I have come a LONG way with Shelley's support. I am active now on Social Media and I now am able to set up my own Facebook Ads on my own (huge!) I have doubled my Facebook Likes in the last 2 weeks! I am doing things I never in a million years would have imagined I would do!

I am writing articles regularly for a Holistic publication and I am getting a GREAT response from people. I am regularly leading Transformational Workshops and will be launching my first on-line Coaching Program after the first of the year.

Working with Shelley is like coming home to yourself. Shelley has loving and compassionate energy about her that helps one to open up to one's own unique energetic "stamp" - unique passion and gifts ready to be shared with the world!

Shelley is accepting and loving but also is able to mirror back one's soul's mission for the world.

The groups that are part of Shelley's programs are uplifting, accepting and inviting. I am so grateful for Shelley and all members of the GAHP for the common soul efforts to service the world as well as each soul's individuality within that.

Shelley gives effort and support that is immeasurable! The benefits of working with her and members of the GAHP are priceless!!!

I am so grateful for Shelley and the GAHP!!!

Jill E. Greinke, LCSW, Holistic Psychotherapist and Transformational Consultant

Melody AkenaBefore signing up for the Holistic Visionary Program I didn't have a business – I had done a coaching course in 2007/8 but after that nothing –no clients that paid and the ones I did have were free. They were getting amazing results but I didn't have the confidence in my abilities to step up and charge any fee. I was toying with getting a website together but that wasn't going anywhere fast. It was 4 years later and there was no website. In a nutshell – it wasn't happening despite my best efforts.

When I signed up I really wanted to be held accountable to really manifest my big Vision. I wasted so much time cobbling together my own course from a variety of sources because I convinced myself it would be more cost effective but I realized I wasn't getting anywhere.

When I signed up I really wanted to be held accountable to really manifest my big Vision. I was ready to invest in myself and I finally felt like I found the right Coach for me. The Holistic Visionary Program brought everything I need to finally focus and grow my business in one place with a very high level of support. The best parts are the weekly calls, Friday Check-ins and the VIP days which created turbo charged leaps of progress for me. I was FINALLY creating my BIG VISION!

Here is what else I love about the Program:

  • Accountability and Community that I just love – everyone goes on about this but Shelley leads a truly inspiring group with coaches, healers and psychotherapists inside her Program. When you have that type of support it just opens up a whole lot of possibilities to grow your business. It was a breath of fresh air to have an amazing group of people to bounce things off or to give me that pep talk when needed. This was so instrumental in creating my website and giving me the courage to step out and promote my business in new ways through leading Workshops, Teleclasses and my own VIP days.
  • The Supportive Mirror – this one might sound strange but the truth is when you are in your business every day you lose sight of why you are there and your talents and gifts. The Program really supported me in fine tuning my gifts and was confirmation that I needed to go all out in creating a business that I love and that it could be heart- centered, profitable and of service.

My Results from being in the Program:

  • Getting Paid for my Coaching, and getting paid well!- After years of doing my Coaching on the side and not charging it was HUGE for me to begin charging. After the initial fear I moved through, I quickly raised my fees and even starting offering high level VIP days for a very handsome fee. What a true shift for me and I now am completely comfortable charging for the true value of what I am offering
  • My Website – I smile when I see what I have created in service to the world. After years of pondering Logos for months and months on end to actually have my web-site complete is truly amazing.
  • My Programs– I love offering my own VIP days and have grown more confident offering these to my clients. Creating and offering explorer, discoverer and trailblazer~ my new Coaching Programs – was like being a proud new Mum!
  • Personal Confidence – This is like my secret benefit. My clients notice the difference in the way I deliver my Coaching services. I quickly realized in this Programs my confidence has grown to such a level that I feel I have expanded my gifts as well. My intuition has gone through the roof and not only my Clients are loving it but my family/friends see the huge change in me too. I feel like a completely different person than I was when I started the Program.

Melody Akena
The Dare to Be Coach

Within the first few weeks of working with Shelley, things just seemed to fall into place. In less than a month, I acquired 4 new full fee weekly clients, 3 new full fee biweekly clients, plus several other referrals and inquiries that are still in process. My mouth is agape even as I write this!

One of the big reasons I was drawn to Shelley was epitomized in the way I used to introduce myself - "I'm a existential/transpersonal psychotherapist; Shaman and Energy Healer; and I teach Chi Gung, Tai Chi, Taoist Breathing, Yoga and meditation, and the Feldenkrais Method". Well, that's quite a mouthful, usually confused people, and, frankly, made me feel a bit all over the place.

I always knew that all these modalities, and the 25+ years of training and study I put into them, were very important and central to what I do. BUT - I was at an absolute stalemate with how to market myself and I was hiding behind others for years. I knew in my Heart I had so much to give but was feeling almost completely defeated as to how to bring myself forward into the world.

Dorothy FitzerI was drawn to Shelley by her outlook and emphasis on being holistic as well as very spiritually open. What really sold me on working with her, though, was her quality of presence the moment we spoke. I could tell she was with me vs. an agenda - something that was my usual experience with business coaches. I felt like I finally found one who got me and thus would have the ability to help bring out my work in an authentic way.

Within the first few weeks of working with Shelley, things just seemed to fall into place. It was more "energetic" than intellectual. I felt far more clear than I ever have on how to focus my business. I experienced deep relief from the support and knowing that it would bring tangible results. And the absolute most remarkable thing was that my business began to see an enormous shift and growth before any of my strategies were made public. In less than a month, I acquired 4 new full fee weekly clients, 3 new full fee biweekly clients, plus several other referrals and inquiries that are still in process. So, literally, the new business was already being pulled in by the shift in energy. My mouth is agape even as I write this.

I'm still only in the second month of the Holistic Leader year long program. I can't wait to see what my testimonial will say in a few more months :)

With Love.

Dorothy Fitzer, Shamanic Psychotherapist

Kerry GeocarisThe timing of me taking the 90-day Holistic Business Breakthrough Coaching Program couldn't have been more perfect. It was exactly what I needed after completing my Certification. I gained so much through the process. Everything seems to be coming together now. I am now absolutely clear on my mission and it has helped me to "keep it simple" and it laid the foundation for my elevator speech. It was the missing piece for me as I was struggling with how to "tell my story" and now when I tell people my condensed version of my mission, they immediately want more. It has made me more excited and helped me overcome my fears along the way.

I absolutely love the ideal client work because I used to just take on clients because I needed the money. I have learned to set boundaries and be up front with people. What is interesting is I have even told people that they aren't my ideal client and it is almost making them work to be my ideal client because they "want" to be now. Getting clear on my elevator speech was so powerful. When I ran my speech past a friend of mine who would be an ideal client she said "Oh my God, that is exactly what I need!".

This program totally paved the way for things to really happen. We are in the process of producing a mini-documentary on my story and the video we have is going to provide endless amounts of content that can be used. It also forced me to write my script for my first tele-seminar and I will be practicing with Audio Acrobat this week and then the plan is to have it as part of my website launch and then available for download. I finished my "free assessment" offer and am almost done with my free ebook that I will be offering as well.

I am very happy that I had this program because it forced me to work through things in a systematic way. I know that when my website launches it is going to be SIMPLY MARVELOUS!!! Thanks Shelley!

Kerry Geocaris, GCHC

Pam KachelmeierImagine this happening; you're totally relaxed with your eyes closed and engaged in deep rhythmic belly breathing, you're listening to powerful penetrating music as you are tapping into a state of receiving, can you see it?” This is a small glimpse of what I experienced at the GAHP's Life Breakthrough Transformational Workshop. And, did I receive a breakthrough to say the least.

I entered the workshop with a clean slate of not knowing what I would receive in regards to some questions I had about the development and growth of my business, Meaningful Life Counseling and Coaching.

I came away with a wealth of clarity and information. I couldn't believe the huge transformation that happened for me. I FINALLY was able to see how all the different experiences on my Life Path now make sense and help me see how Spiritually destined I am to do this work. I now have rock solid confidence belief in myself and my Big Vision for my Holistic Business as I move forward!

Shelley is an amazing business coach who gently guides and effectively provides the space for rich transformations. I can't wait to see what is next. And on top of it the Workshop was a ton of fun too!

Pam Kachelmeier MA, PC, CLC
Professional Counselor and Life Coach
Holistic Business: Meaningful Life Counseling

Tina GamesI've just completed the Holistic Leader Platinum Retreat with Shelley Riutta and one of the things I've really gotten out of this retreat is the BIGNESS of my mission in the world. I'm here to make an impact on the planet in a very unique, very special way - and I've been playing too small. I've been concerned over the years about visibility and whether or not I'm the right person to lead this movement. And what I've gotten out of this retreat is YES - I am the right person to lead this movement! And with Shelley's help and with the support of the amazing people in my GAHP mastermind group, I'm excited about moving forward! I am leaving this retreat with an open heart, an open mind, a plan, and I am going to lead a mission-inspired movement in the world - helping people connect with their divine purpose, step into their life story, and create their legacy!

Tina Games, Life Purpose and Intuitive Coach
The Moonlight Muse

Stefanie NesmithI successfully lead my first Transformational Workshop, and therefore had my first paying clients!

I totally loved the training. I loved the 2-1/2 days of kick-off workshop and meeting all the other therapists and healers. It was so nice connecting with like-minded people!

I worked through a lot of false beliefs, particularly those related to visibility. I am just starting out in developing my Practice. Not having that fear of being visible anymore will help me tremendously in stepping out there and connecting with the clients who are meant to work with me. I also learned how to write bullets and titles for Workshops and I learned how to market a Transformational Workshop. I became more confident in working holistically and got more clarity about the direction I want to take my Practice.

I successfully lead my first Transformational Workshop, and therefore had my first paying clients!

Stefanie Nesmith, Holistic Psychotherapist, GCHP

Bobbi Silverstone

I just wanted to share what happened this week. I had told Shelley that my goal was to get my yoga classes filled to 14 people. On Tuesday night, I had 15 show up and I only have space for 14. I gave up my yoga mat and moved to the center of the room. I taught with no mat and it was a great class. On Wednesday night, I had 14 show up and both classes have all committed in advance for next month. Last night I had to turn 4 people down for my restorative class. Today, I had a woman pay in advance for 6 breath sessions. Things are moving right along with my goals and I feel the energy of this group....yea!

Bobbi Silverstone, Serenity Yoga and Breathwork

Patricia YoungBefore I signed up for the Program I didn't have a business. I had an idea of what I wanted to do, but I kept postponing it for later because I had a full-time job in the corporate world. By the end of 2013 I made the resolution that I would take action to start building my business. I knew that I wanted to follow my calling, so I looked for a Holistic certification and started thinking on my vision, of how I wanted my business to serve and help others.

That's when I found Shelley. When I met Shelley I jumped in with both feet. I decided that I needed to invest in myself, so I registered for the Holistic Coaching Certification Programs, and also for the Holistic Leader Program. I signed up because I wanted to learn from someone that has walked the path in a successful way, and because I wanted to be held accountable to really be able to see my vision become a reality.

In just 3 months of being in the Programs I:

  • Gained clarity of what I wanted to do in my business
  • Clarity on my Mission,
  • Clarity about my Ideal clients
  • What my Services are
  • Have have created a beautiful and inviting website that reflects who I am and speaks to my ideal clients!

This program has brought everything I needed to focus and build my business from scratch. All of this with a continuous high level of support.

Here are a few of my accomplishments since I started working with Shelley, but I know there is so much more to come!

  • I will be facilitating my first Transformational Workshop in June
  • I am collaborating offering my Reiki and Holistic Coaching services at a local Wellness Center
  • I will give a Tele-Class in July
  • I am participating in an inspiring Giveaway in August
  • I will start an online Coaching Program in September

I love working with Shelley because she is very knowledgeable and compassionate. She has a gentle way of holding you accountable. I love the program because there is a sense of community and support among all members of the program that is truly uplifting and motivating. I love being in connected with heart-centered and like-minded people. I feel that I'm being more authentic, and that I have grown and expanded in ways that I would have never thought possible.

I'm so grateful for having Shelley in my life!!

Patricia Young
Life Purpose Coach
Holistic Business: Inner Prosperity Academy

Chris SullivanBefore I started working with Shelley as my holistic business coach, I was unfocused, and fear and doubt kept me from making any meaningful progress growing my holistic animal healing practice. With two degrees in business and marketing, I knew what I needed to do, but something was holding me back.

I was clear that I wanted to work with a holistic coach, and when I found the Global Association of Holistic Psychotherapists I was intrigued by Shelley and the programs she offers. What drew me in was that Shelley's services are focused on the unique needs of therapists, healers, coaches and holistic practitioners. I took the leap, trusting that I had gotten what I'd asked for, and signed up with the Holistic Business School almost immediately.

What I love most about working with Shelley is that:

  • She is kind, gentle, generous and genuine and has inspired and supported me to step into my power and light.
  • Her guidance and expertise go beyond just the business-side of things and extend to helping work through underlying obstacles.
  • She leads from the heart and has created a beautiful community that allows for support, growth, healing and synergy for her entire tribe.
  • She has created an extensive online knowledge base, so when I want more training it's there for me 24/7.

Since working with Shelley the past six months I have:

  • Let go of fear, doubt, worry and struggle.
  • Been living more fully and authentically
  • Become clear about my unique offering for my clients.
  • Crystalized who my ideal client is.
  • Created systems that leverage my time and do the "selling" for me.
  • Tripled my fees and grown my income.
  • Worked with more clients in the 6 months I have been working with Shelley than in the past 2 years combined.
  • Gained confidence to network with other accomplished experts, such as veterinarians, animal rescuers and sanctuaries worldwide.

What I have realized is that my mission and vision to help animals are big. In order to live this passion and fulfill my life's purpose, I must not only invest in myself, but I must invest in that purpose and those I am humbly here to serve. I am so grateful to have found Shelley and the GAHP because I now feel that with Shelley's support I have been able to lay a strong foundation and am on my way toward making my vision a reality.

Christine Sullivan
Holistic Animal Healer
Holistic Business: Earth Sky Animal Healing

About Shelley

Shelley Riutta MSE, LPC is the founder and President of the Global Association of Holistic Psychotherapy. She is a Holistic Psychotherapist and creator of a 6-Figure Holistic Psychotherapy Practice, Radiant Life Counseling. Because of her success at creating a thriving Therapy Practice she launched the Global Association of Holistic Psychotherapy (GAHP) which supports Therapists, Healers, Coaches and Health Practitioners to learn more about Holistic Methods and develop Thriving 6 Figure Holistic Practices. This quickly became a multi-6 Figure business and one of the leading Holistic Training and Business Building Organizations in the world.

Shelley is passionate about personal growth and transformation along with psychology and marketing. This passion is what has fueled the growth of both of her businesses. As a pioneer in Holistic Psychotherapy, Shelley is frequently asked to give presentations on her success growth strategies and holistic methods. Her “Leading the Transformation Telesummit” quickly became a huge hit with holistic leaders around the world and the CD recordings of this event is top-selling product.